Farm Wife's Favorite Tees

I have made A LOT of shirts the last 5.5 years when I have been in business. There are so many of the designs that I have loved. Some I loved the words. Some I loved the drawing on it.
Here are my top 5 favorites at the moment:
1. The Best Women Marry Farmers: This one is my all-time favorite tee. This shirt was a HUGE seller for us on Etsy when we started our Etsy store. We changed it up and it is STILL a big seller.
2. I still remember praying for the things I have now: This shirt was designed with it's original design of vinyl about 2 weeks before my son was born. This shirt has so much meaning to me, as I wore it to the hospital when I had him.
3. God is Great Beef is Good People are Crazy: This shirt represents our farm life here in Nebraska to a tee....ha see what I did there.
4. Nebraska The Good Life: The drawing on this one was my favorite projects I have done for a shirt. Coming up with ideas for the shirt was fun and it involved my family.
5. Eat Beef: This one is a great representation of our farm life.

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