About Us

The Farmer took a Wife:

The story of The Farmer Took a Wife starts way before the store began. The story starts when the farmer asked the now wife to marry him. The wife was a small town girl her whole life, but when she met her farmer boy, her small town ways changed to farm life. Even the farmer and the wife had a memorable proposal on the farm, where the wife lost her boot in mud and manure several times.

The Wife took a Child (and another one and another one too!):

Soon after the farmer and the wife got married along came baby girl number 1. After working as a third grade teacher, the wife after two years of being both a mom and a teacher, wanted to stay home and raise her children. Shortly after the wife “retired” from teaching baby girl number 2 came along. Then in 2018 a little boy entered the farm wife's life!

The Wife took a Business: 

After baby girl number 2 turned 1 the wife really wanted to start being creative. She then started an Etsy store called Say Something Tees & More. After 14 months of having a successful business, her business took a different turn. She dug deeper into her target market and decided on a new name. That is when The Farmer Took a Wife was born. She started blogging about Faith, Family, Farming, and Business shortly after.


The Farmer Took a Wife is located in rural Columbus, Nebraska. We specialize in vinyl shirts and other vinyl products that are inspired by faith, family, farming.