Wholesale Terms and Conditions:

Here at The Farmer Took a Wife, any of our tees, hats, or drinkware can be wholesale.  You may choose whatever colors, sizes, and print colors you want as long as it meets our minimum.  Please look fill out the form below to have a special wholesale code sent to you.  Any codes are for your eyes only.  Each shop has their own code, any code given to someone else will be deleted and you can't use again.

Returns and Exchanges:

We can only accept returns and exchanges if something you ordered is defective.  We try our best to look over every item before we send them out, but we do make mistakes.  Please check your items soon after receiving and let us know within 3 days after delivery if there is something wrong with your order.


You may price them for how much you would like.  Most people mark them up x2 for a profit.


All orders shipping will be tracked with a tracking number.  Any order $500 or more will be reimbursed for shipping.  Wholesale orders take up to 4 weeks during our busy season, as these are custom made shirts to order to your liking.


All Orders have a $100 minimum.  Your special shop code will allow you to have a discount at $200 retail price.  This will allow you your $100 minimum.  


Please keep our tags on our shirts.  There will be a The Farmer Took a Wife tag and a price tag with washing instructions for you to place your price.

We would love to see pictures of our shirts in your establishment, please tag us @thefarmertookawife on instagram or email us at ashley@thefarmertookawife.com