Christian Alternative to Easter Baskets

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Christian Easter Basket Alternative
Easter is my favorite holiday.  I love thinking about Jesus rising again and saving all of us here on Earth from our sins.  A few years ago I came up with an idea to celebrate this with my children.  When I was growing up I always received Easter baskets, there is nothing wrong with this, but I wanted to incorporate the Christian aspect of Easter.
On Good Friday The first thing I have my children do is each draw a picture of Jesus.  To see how these pictures have changed through the years is one of my favorite parts of the whole project.  
The second thing we do is either get some tissue paper, toilet paper (I know it sounds funny, but it works), or a white towel.  The kids then wrap their Jesus up in what we are using this year.
Then we get a rock from outside.  This is supposed to represent the rock in front of the tomb.
Then the final thing we do on Good Friday is put our Jesus in the tomb and put the rock on top.
Finally on Sunday morning, instead of getting an Easter basket, my kids wake up to a rock moved away from the tomb, white cloth or paper inside the tomb, and Jesus missing.  We also put a small gift in there for each child to represent what a gift Jesus gave us when he died and rose again.

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