Beef N' Biscuits

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Do you ever cook a roast and have leftover potatoes? My family isn't a big potato family, that means we do everytime.

What we do is use the potatoes in a dish a few days later. It is something I made up right before we got married. It has gone through lots of changes, but this one has stuck.

Beef n' Biscuits

1 or 2 packs of biscuits from a can
1 pound hamburger
3 to 5 leftover potatoes, depends on size
1 can of corn
1 can of tomato sauce
2 cups Mozzarella cheese 

1. Brown the hamburger. I always put pepper in with ours.
2. While the hamburger is browning, chop up he potatoes. I use our chopper, but have cut up with a knife before too, but picky kids need them smaller.
3. Spray your pan with non stick spray. Put half of your biscuits on the bottom. Our biscuits with the ones that broke apart easily, so I broke them apart and used 4 on bottom and 4 on top.
4. Put browned hamburger, potatoes, corn, 1 cup of cheese, and tomato sauce in a bowl. Stir.
5. Pour mixture on top of biscuits.
6. Put some of the cheese on top.
7. Add the rest of the biscuits to the top, with the rest of cheese on top.
8. Cook for 28 minutes for 350 degrees. I usually put the timer for 20 minutes and check.

***We have also added leftover roast carrots to the mixture as well. 
***Butter on top of the top biscuits is tasty when they are on the plate.

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