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I just wanted to welcome everyone that has visited our new site!  I'm very excited about the future of this company, especially with our new website through shopify.  I want to introduce you to a few different ways we do business here at The Farmer Took a Wife if you're not familiar.


Our website has most of our shirts listed.  I am still working on putting up new listings.  We also have a deal of the week listed every Monday.  If you sign up for our email list you will be notified of the deal of the week sometime Monday morning.  These deals last until Sunday.

Facebook group:

If you are not coming to our site from our Facebook Group then let me tell you all about it!  Our facebook group has lots and lots of goodies!  It is kind of like being in a VIP group.  We have boutique order days once a week, auctions once a month, and more.  Click on the link above to join!


We have been trying to utilize Instagram and Pinterest more!  So if you are from there thank you for checking us out!  


Again thank you to all our new customers and old customers!  Keep enjoying the ride with us.


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